Native Speaker Week 3.Kl.

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It`s Ottenschlag (A song - written by our pupils :)

This is a song for our school teachers
Without them we`d be strange creatures

The games this week were awesome and funny
We´ve learnt Englisch quick, faster than a bunny

Chorus: It`s Ottenschlag, the best school ever, we`re so happy together, we just wanna play lots of games.
It`s Ottenschlag. Now our English is better, so brilliant, we can write a letter, we really like to speak, `cause it`s the English week.

This is for the ones who cooked this week
for Jonnie and Andie who made it sweet
baking the cupcakes was awesome and fun.
We ate a few, but then gave away some.

You better speak Englisch
when they`re calling you out.
Don`t speak German.
Students, please try hard.

Chorus: It`s Ottenschlag, now our English is way better, so brilliant we can write a letter, we just wanna have lots fun, and now we`re done.

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